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Video animation

The National Institute for Health Research came to us to produce an animation to help promote their new Patient Engagement in Clinical Development service (PECD).

They were keen to keep the style and animation simple so as to get the information across as easily as possible, whilst still keeping the video and content engaging for viewers. With this in mind, we came up with the idea of making the video a journey in the style of a kinetic contraption / Rude Goldberg Machine, whereby every movement the viewer takes through the journey, triggers the initiation of the next movement / section of the video.

This ultimately meant that we could keep the animation simple by not being too specific to the content, but still making an engaging animation that maintains the viewers interest.

We also created a shorter teaser version of the video along with short 10 – 15 second long animated GIFs of pivotal sections to be used on social media as part of their promotional campaign.

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