Multi-channel marketing campaign

The brief was to come up with a concept and design to help promote an all day event called ‘FraudWars’, with the aim of giving students experience of what life fighting fraud in a financial services company is really like.

Students were divided into two teams: One to play the role of fraudsters and the other to play the bank fraud detection team. They were to analyse data sets of fake transactions with an attempt to commit or detect fraud.

The client was keen to make sure that the campaign appealed to both males and females, and helped to attract students to the notion of playing both fraudsters and bankers.

In order to achieve this we came up with the glitch design concept and along with supporting printed materials, we suggested the idea of using two sets of videos and social media assets to help attract students to sign up for either of the two teams.

Barclays were keen to make sure that the campaign did not ‘glorify’ or portray the ‘fraudster’ team as an actual means of practising fraud, so we came up with the straplines (based on sayings) ‘Attack is the best form of defence’ for the fraudster team, and ‘Defence is the first act of war’ for the banking team. This way, whilst the element of competition is still emphasised playfully between the two teams, the main emphasis of the campaign remained about developing defences against online fraud.

ClientUniversity of LeedsServicesDesign, Visual Identities, Advertising, Video

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